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Date : 14-09-12 12:09
i-SENS to support for constantly increasing number of diabetic patients
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i-SENS, Inc. (CEO Geun Sig Cha, www.i-sens.co.kr) proceed to support for constantly increasing number of diabetic patients.

i-SENS has recently signed MOU with Korean Diabetes Association (Chairman Sung Woo Park) for “Diabetes Education Program for discovering diabetic patients and promoting their health life”.

This MOU was signed to determine the steadily growing number of diabetic patients due to increasing elderly and obesity population and to prevent from diseases progressing from diabetes through improving awareness of danger in having diabetes and supporting patients to learn the correct way of self-management of diabetes.

Korean Diabetes Association, known as an exemplary social organization for its prevention of diabetes and health promotion of public health. For proper diabetes management, it is currently conducting various events and educational programs such as diabetes related newspaper, glucose screening events, seminar on diabetes, and camp for adult diabetics. i-SENS that has been running campaigns for diabetes patients, donated 50,000,000 KRW (50,000 USD) after signing MOU with Korean Diabetes Association to discover more diabetes patients and to support various education program.

Based on a close working partnership with Korean Diabetes Association, i-SENS will actively develop programs for treatment and prevention of diabetes as well as campaigns for social education and promotion. Korean Diabetes Association is currently planning to launch programs intended for diabetic patients registered in National Health Insurance Corporation, camp for adult diabetic patients, outdoor blood glucose screening events and public lecture on diabetes.


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